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Accounting Services

Welcome to the William F. Bodie, CPA's accounting information page. Our goal is to provide the very best support in your personal or business' accounting needs. We continually review and update our quality control standards to ensure we give our clients consistent, timely, and accurate completed services. Our goal is to always deliver exceptional service at a competitive rate.  We work very closely with each client on an individual level to give you, the customer, support that you and/or your business need to be more successful.  

Business Services

One of the most beneficial actions a business owner can do to help their business is to keep their financial

information updated and accurate with the codes and regulations currently in place. The COVID-19 pandemic

has brought this concept to the front focus of many business owners who need assistance with loans or grants

that require quality comparative information. The goal of successful booking/ accounting is not simply to file a

tax return, but to monitor your business and pinpoint problems at the early stage. Some areas in which businesses

could use this information and make management changes include loss prevention issues, cost of goods or service

tracking, planning and budgeting on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, and cash flow/ cash management -

just to name a few.  

On-Site Accounting Support Public Notary
Data entry and Reconciliation Sales Tax Preparation and Filing
Payroll Preparation Financial Statements*
Payroll Tax Payments PT-100 / PT-300
Payroll Tax Preparation and Filing Workers Comp Audit Support
Creation and Distribution of W-2 / 1099 Corporate, Partnership, Estate & Trust Income Tax Returns
Unemployment Preparation and Filing Accounting Control
Business Consulting Mediator for IRS or State Notices
E-Verify SC New Hire Verification 

          *Financial Statement come in different formats for different purposes.

  • Preparations: are financial statements that are produced for management use only. These are not meant to be used by anyone outside the organization.
  • Compilation: are financial statements that are produced at a higher level than a Preparation. These types of financial reports focus on producing a finished product that is in the proper format and with no obvious financial reporting issues. It does not include any research to ensure numbers are correct.
  • Reviews: are financial statements that are produced at a higher level than a Compilation. These types of financial reports use inquiry and analytical processes to strive to reach a higher level of accuracy. These financial statements come with an accountant’s report and valuable notes that bankers and investor may require.
  • Audits: These are the highest level of financial reporting. Audits are in depth review of the business transactions, processes, loss prevention, and fraud potential just to name a few focuses.We currently do not preform Audits.
  • Agreed-Upon-Procedures: These are reports done on a portion of the business that management would like to have put together for their use.
  • Comparative: These are financial reports that present two periods, many times current year and previous year, on one report. These are beneficials for the ease of side-by-side comparisons.
Personal Services
Public Notary Mediator for IRS or State Notices
Personal Income Tax Returns

Estate and Personal tax planning

Just to name a few. Please call for any financial need that might not be listed.